Majic Window Christmas decorations

37 Festive Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Fiberglass Windows

Decorating your home for Christmas? We often go all out, draping our home in holiday cheer. However, one of the areas that tends to be neglected are the windows. That’s not going to happen this year! There are so many exciting decorating ideas and styles to choose from when it comes to sprucing up your windows for the Christmas season. From hanging wreaths to pine cones and gingerbread cookies, the possibilities are endless. Draw some inspiration from these 37 festive Christmas windows to help you decorate your Majic fiberglass home windows.

Inspired By Nature

Pine cones, sticks, pine needles, and twigs all help to provide a rustic Christmas ambiance. All of these elements look great hanging, but if you don’t want to hang anything from your windows you could always place them on the sill.

DIY Christmas window decorations



Christmas window decor

Christmas window decor

DIY Christmas home decor

holiday home decor

DIY winter window decor

Christmas mistletoe

Christmas cardinals

Paper Cutouts

Paper is one of the easiest decorating materials to work with and there’s no end to what you could create. Pine trees? Snowflakes? Santa Clause and his reindeer? What you decide to make is completely up to you. You can create a silhouette mural by taping paper cutouts to the wall, or dangle paper cutouts from hanging string. Additionally, if you have a thicker card stock paper at your disposal you can make standing decorations that sit on your window sill. Tiny paper Christmas town anyone?

DIY Christmas paper decorations

Paper Christmas tree silhouette

Winter window decorations

Dove Christmas window decor

Christmas window decorations

DIY Christmas

Edible Goodies

You can’t celebrate a holiday without including a few delectable sweets right? Make your window decorations that much sweeter by incorporating a few Christmas desserts. Candy canes, gingerbread cookies, and wrapped candy all make for great decorating material. All of these items could be hung from your windows or festively placed on top of the window sill.

DIY gingerbread window decorations

Christmas hanging ornaments

Gingerbread Christmas window cookies

Candy cane Christmas window decor

DIY holiday candy windows


You undoubtedly have presents under your Christmas tree, why not place a few in your windows? Wrap any empty cardboard boxes you may have laying around with your finest assortment of wrapping papers. Place your gifts on the window sill or hang them from the top of your windows.

Christmas window sill presents

Christmas window presents

Christmas window sill gifts

Ornaments & Wreaths

Just as ornaments are great to hang from trees and wreaths from doors, these two holiday items are equally great to hang from your windows. If you have a few left over after dressing your tree and doors, place them on your windows.

Christmas window ornaments

holiday window decorations

DIY Christmas decorations

White Christmas window wreaths

Christmas window decorations

Christmas window decor

Christmas winter window decorations

Joy Christmas wreath

Christmas window stockings

holiday wreath decoration

holiday home decor

Christmas window ornaments

Holiday home decoration

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